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Our Mission...

"Provide our clients with the best taught, best developed, most comprehensive and
highest quality classes in IBM Cognos Analytics and UNIX/Linux programming
available anywhere
any price."

Our Method...

Training is an INTANGIBLE and finding the best, effective and cost efficient training is even harder. There are many many companies offering this kind of training, but here there is a Difference.

Unlike the vast majority of training "companies" out there, we are specifically specialized in offering two focused areas of instruction: IBM COGNOS and UNIX/Linux.

Almost all training companies try to be all and the end all. They use contract trainers, often time not certified or experienced, and use boilerplate courseware.

We are Different and Better. Our Cognos Training and UNIX Classes are taught only by very, very experienced experts in these technologies. ALL of our Cognos and UNIX Coursware our materials were developed and thoroughly vetted in house to ensure top quality. Your costs are greatly reduced because we are a small, focused organization, less the large corporate overhead. As a result we deliver instruction of the highest quality at a cost effective daily rate.

Smart Triangles provides expert training in ibm cognos, unix shell, linux, bash, ksh, framework manager, transformer, cognos analytics, C10, C11, dashboarding, storyboarding with on-line or on-site corporate classes at a competitive rate better than ironside, data clarity, arrow, avnet, global knowledge, ingram, learnquest, netcom, g2, protech, perficient, or senturus.

Courses Offered

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Course Material Samples

Superior Courseware Training Materials

A key element of successful training is having quality, effective, and accurate courseware. A technical training class can succeed only if the participants and instructor leading the class have excellent materials.

All of our courseware is written in house. Much of it has been under constant development for over many years, and after each class, the courseware is improved, modified, and edited to exacting quality standards.

Our philosophy of technical courseware for all our classes is to have on hand 125% of what a participant needs. Each chapter is complete with detailed points, notes, real world examples, and challenging and relevant exercises for in and after class study.

We have developed over 3,000 pages of effective technical courseware!!

Free Technical Whitepapers

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About Wayne Estrada and Smart Triangles

Smart Triangles is a Washington, DC based company that started originally in 1990 in Richmond, VA as U3 UNIX Training by Wayne Estrada. While with U3, Wayne was the primary UNIX training vendor for Capitol One, The Library of Congress, and the State of Virginia, to name a few. Later while at IBM, he provided ALL of the Cognos training for General Motors, major Federal Government clients such as the Pentagon, CIA, military branches and many other national companies.

Wayne is a former AT&T software engineer, senior systems consultant, and technical instructor and also was a UNIX and AIX Senior Technical Instructor with IBM who has taught, lectured, and consulted to over 30,000 people over the last 38 years. His undergrad studies in software were from the University of San Francisco, Masters studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and numerous classes at AT&T Bell Labs.

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