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UNIX/LINUX CLASSES (click on title for outline)
Title Days Description
Introduction to UNIX/Linux 5.0 A comprehensive overview and practical application of what all IT professionals need to know about the UNIX/Linux system and shell programming
Jumpstart to UNIX/Linux 3.0 Provides a "Jumpstart" to understanding the essential aspects of using UNIX/Linux such as logging on, file permissions, using the editor, copying files and navigating the file system
Shell Programming 3.0 Using the Boolean logic statemetns in the shell; loops, if statements, matching and additional techniques such as process signalling, co processes, and named pipes
Intermediate Shell 5.0 Using more advanced built in features of the shell, understanding all system avariables, advanced variable usage, advanced pattern matching (regex), and using sed and awk
Advanced Shell 3.0 Using Interprocess Communications techniques such as co-processes, process signalling, semaphore flag file signalling; advanced uses of shell constructs
Advanced Shell 5.0 Same as 3.0 Day class, but adds Interprocess Communications, more sed and awk, math and statistical functions and Parallel Programming Techniques
UNIX/Linux Overview 1.0 An overview of the history, use, and application of the UNIX/Linux system in business applications; designed for managers and non-technical professionals that need to know why UNIX/Linux is important and how it can be used

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