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UNIX/LINUX CLASSES (click on title for outline)
Title Days Description
Introduction to Cognos (C11) 3-Day *A 3.0 A thorough introduction of writing and building reports in Cognos Analytics BI. Covers the seven essential skills authors must know to create the vast majority of all standard reports.
Intermediate Cognos Reporting (C11) 2-Day *B 2.0 Builds upon the seven essential report building skills for creating more advanced report types using multiple queries that answer more complex business questions. Covers Unions, Joins, Master-Detail reports, Bursting and other more advanced techniques of reporting. (Note: IBM and other vendors list this as the "Advanced" class)
Metadata Modeling with IBM Cognos Framework Manager *C 2.0 Create IBM Cognos Packages from data sources by importing like-subject tables, joining relationships, creating Query Subjects, creating filters and calculations.
Utilizing Advanced Features of FM *D 2.0 Using the advanced built in features of FM to better organize, validate, set security and manage the FM environment. Covers Paramater Maps, Segment/Linking and maximizing SQL efficency.
Notes: Equivalent and enhanced over IBM course codes of
*A: "Report Authoring Fundamentals": U7B5259G, B6058G, B5A70G, B5A58G, U7B5259G, J4058G, U7B5258G,
*B: "Report Authoring Advanced": B5A81G, B5A59G, B6059G, J4059G
*C: "Framework Manager I, Fundamentals": U8B5252G, K01010G, J4052G, J2A52G, B6052G, B5A52G, U7B5A52G, J4052G, U8B5252G,
*D: "Framework Manager II, Advanced": B6005G, B5A05G, K01011G, J2A05G,

Classes Coming:

Active Reports
Cognos Workspace
Dashboarding in Cognos Analytics (C11)
Storyboard Creation in Cognos Analytics
Dynamic Cube Creation
Advanced Cognos Reporting Techniques
Securing Methodologies for Cognos Reports

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